The Ocicat is a very sweet, affectionate, intelligent, curious, active cat that loves to play.
he loves to be in the presence of his family but is not obtrusive.
They have a great ability to adjust themselves easily.
This is a tolerant, but tuff cat, that knows exactly what it wants or doesn’t want.
An Ocicat is very tolerant with children, other cat’s and also with dogs!
But the Ocicat can be a bit of a dominant cat…

These are clever cat’s that are good trainable, but can also easily teach
themselves some things:
opening doors, locked cat doors, drawers etc.
You can teach them easily to retrieve toys and stuff.
The Ocicat can entertain himself easy, but because of his social character
it is not wise to let him stay at home alone all day. The best thing you can do if you are working full time, is to take another cat for him to play with, or buy 2 kittens.
Make sure they have enough toys to play with, a big climbing house,
or maybe even a outside kennel.