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(Nederlands) Ocicat Special op 1 april 2018

No, this wasn’t an April fool´s joke. Let us tell you a bit more about this fun and verysuccessful day.
On 19 March 2018 it was 10 years ago that the Ocicat Club Holland was established. And what would be more wonderful then to dwell this on during an (international) show.
Mundikat gave us the platform, for which we are thankful.
Of course it takes the necessary



preparations so on the day itself everything will run smoothly. It started with inviting people. An event was created on Facebook, but also personal invitations were send to invite people to visit the special with their Ocicat. In the end that resulted in an number of 24 Ocicats from several countries. Their owners came from  Finland, Denmark, Germany and The Netherlands.
The board had organised a lot in advance. Of course food and drinks for the guests had to be arranged. Therefore it was very nice that we – in cooperation with Mundikat – could be in the hall on Friday before the show to prepare and decorate our square.
On Sunday 1 April the first persons were present in the show hall at 7 o‘clock. In the courseof the next 90 minutes the Ocicat-square was filled up. Old acquaintances were greeted and new friendships were created. But after the greetings it was time for priority number one: the cages had to be prepared, so the cats could stay in them comfortably. For they were the stars of theSpecial. Those already finished, helped out others. That’s why we could all have
breakfast around 9.30 am. There were cans with coffee and tea, several kinds of bread and rolls and toppings (sorry, we forgot the cheese and chocolate sprinkles).
In the meantime Mundikat started introducing all the judges after which the show was opened. The Ocicats were soon called to appear at the judges. Occasionally one really had to pay attention, for the cats were judges for the special as well as for the ‘normal’ show. In the end it luckily didn’t lead to any problems.
Fortunately judges too have breaks.


Then everything comes to a halt. In that period of time it was arranged that the participants of the Special could eat from a Chinese buffet. It was served with a range of soft drinks and a Danish family had for every one that wanted a can of special beer. Quite a treat.
After that the show went on.
Later that afternoon some time was devoted to have some cake and to toast on the 10th anniversary of the club. The cake looked wonderful and tasted very nice. The glasses were raised with prosecco or ‘children’s bubbles’ for those who didn’t want to drink alcohol.
At the end it was revealed that

PR FI*Punakuun Cinnamon (nicknamed Sintti) from Elly Davis was the best of the Ocicat Special. Congratulations.

Our club’s sponsors had made some materials available. For each cat there was a bag with goodies, a – for them deliciously –  smelly mouse and a bag of litter sand. For the winner there were made extra prices available, among others a large bag of food and a delightful soft big cat basket. Mundikat presented the winner with a special cup and a rosette.
And during this jubilee a special edition of Ocicat-beer couldn’t fail: for all exhibitors a bottle was available and for the sponsors there were jugs too.
All in all a very successful day that was continued by some of the members during the second show day.